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What is the name of Andy's dog?
What is the name of the evil teddy bear?
Who was the only toy to stay at sunnyside?
What is the name of the toy's new owner?
What is the name of the pizza place?
Who is in love with Buzz?
What is the name of Jessie's horse?
Who came first? Woody or Buzz?
What is the name of Buzz's arch enemie?
Where did the toy's stay at sunnyside? what room?
Who is Barbie in love with?
Who voices Strech?
What does Lotso smell like?
What is the name of Lotso's original owner?
Who was the enemy in the second movie
Who helped Woody and the toys escape?
Who saved the toys from the insinarator?
Where was Andy taking Woody to?
What did Ken's group of toys hang out in?
Who watched the cameras to see if any toy tried to escape?
What is Hamm's nickname?
What is the name of the green dinosaur?
Who was missing her eye?
Who did Woody save from the yard sale?
Who planed to desroy Buzz?
What Is Andy's Last Name?
What Is The Name Of The Toy Clown?

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