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What is the name of the cartoon they watch.
What is the restaurant named. (The next person who says this word will be pistol whipped.)
Littering and....
What does officer farva call the person he pulls over.
What is the nickname the guys refer the female office as
What is the name of Office Farva and Officer Ramathornes car
What do the schnozberries taste like
What is Rabbit covered in when he is stuffed into the locker.
Where is the weed hidden in the mobile home.
What do the dating couple dress like for their secret meeting
trivia from movieanswer to question
How fast were the 3 boys going in the beginning of the movie.
Who changes side in the police world
How much soda does farva want at the burger joint
What is the name of head officer at the rivalring police department
What is the name of the burger joint farva attacks the worker at
What vehicle did farva assault that made him be on the radio
What does Farva put in the rookies coffee.
What do the troopers chug at the restaurant.
What object is thrown at the guy walking back and forth at the very end of the movie
What word does the officer have to say 10 times while pulling a guy over.

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