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Can you name the Timeout's 100 Best Films Set in New York City?

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1976Martin Dcorsese
1957Alexander Mackendrick
1975Sidney Lumet
1968Roman Polanski
1979Woody Allen
1989Spike Lee
1933Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack
1959John Cassavetes
1981John Carpenter
1949Gene Kelly & Stanley Donen
1971William Friedkin
1977John Badham
1985Martin Scorsese
1984Ivan Reitman
1966Andy Warhol
1954Elia Kazan
1977Woody Allen
1987Oliver Stone
1979Walter Hill
1974Joseph Sargent
1986Woody Allen
1973Sidney Lumet
1933Lloyd Bacon
1961Blake Edwards
1990Martin Scorsese
2000Mary Harron
1953Ray Ashley, Morris Engel & Ruth Orkin
1979Bob Fosse
1945Vincente Minnelli
2002Spike Lee
1948Jules Dassin
1973Martin Scorsese
1984Sergio Leone
1961Robert Wise & Jerome Robbins
1969John Schlesinger
2011Steve Mcqueen
1983Charlie Ahearn
1971Gordon Parks
1990Whit Stillman
1990Abel Ferrara
1972Francis Ford Coppola
1984Frank Oz
1981Louis Malle
1993Fred Schepisi
1995Larry Clark
1976Sidney Lumet
1963Jack Smith
1955Delbert Mann
2008James Marsh
1985Susan Seidelman
1928King Vidor
1987Adrian Lyne
1999Jim Jarmusch
1989Rob Reiner
1980Alan Parker
1979Robert Benton
1971Alan J. Pakula
2011Kenneth Lonergan
2005Noah Baumbach
1971Mike Nichols
1982Sydney Pollack
1915Raoul Walsh
1956Lionel Rogosin
1972Gordon Parks, Jr.
1928Ted Wilde
1984Woody Allen
1990Jennie Livingston
1974Michael Winner
1981Edo Bertoglio
2010Darren Aronofsky
1970Hal Ashby
1992Abel Ferrara
2000Darren Aronofsky
1994Alan Rudolph
1964Shirley Clarke
2008James Gray
1980William Friedkin
1981Daniel Pertie
1950Joseph L. Mankiewicz
1988Penny Marshall
1980Brian De Palma
1971Alan Arkin
1954Alfred Hitchcock
1982Susan Seidelman
1983Tony Scott
1999Spike Lee
1976Dino De Laruentiis
1975Joan Micklin Silver
1976Amos Poe & Ivan Kral
1998Whit Stillman
1975Sydney Pollack
2000Michael Almereyda
2005Ramin Bahrani
1981Michael Wadleigh
1999Stanley Kubrick
1976Larry Cohen
1970Brian De Palma
1999James Toback
2006Adam Yauch
1984Douglas Cheek

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