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Can you name the Products that belong to these advertising slogans?

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Advertising SloganProduct
1,000 songs in your pocket
Full of Eastern promise
The best a man can get
And all because the lady loves ________
I'm a secret lemonade drinker
Vorsprung durch Technik
Connecting people
Made to make your mouth water
Your flexible friend
Forward with Britain
Liquid engineering
The power of dreams
Advertising SloganProduct
Because mums are heroes
It comes from paradise and tastes like heaven
Solutions for a small planet
Ahh! _____________
If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit
The appliance of science
Apples hazelnuts banana, raisins coconuts sultanas
The biggest snack pennies can buy
A major contribution to road safety
The all-over body programme
We keep your promises
One instinctively knows when something is right

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