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Answer these questions about Five Nights at Freddy's 1-3 (no fan-made spinoffs)

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Which is the only game that involves using a flashlight?
Before FNAF 3 was released, what was Springtrap called by most people?
What 'secret' character may make a cameo in FNAF 2 and plays an important role in FNAF 3?
What happens in FNAF 1 when Golden Freddy is left alone for a long time?
What is the title for the animatronics in FNAF 3 that attack you, but do not kill you?
Who do you see running down the hallway in the trailer for FNAF 1?
In FNAF 3, which is the most important system to keep fully functional?
The building has limited power in what game?
Who is on the main menu of Five Nights at Freddy's 3 (occasionally twitching)?
Who are the most well-known characters of the entire FNAF series? (The 'big four')
What song is repeated many times before the puppet attacks you in FNAF 2?
What part of Freddy can you make squeak in FNAF 1?
What phrase is associated with the mysterious 'purple man'?
In which game in the series are 'minigames' introduced?
Which camera is disabled in FNAF 1?
Who created all the FNAF games and voices the 'phone guy'?
What song does Freddy play when the building loses power in FNAF 1?
Which animatronic is in the trailer for FNAF 3 but doesn't actually appear in the game?
In FNAF 2, what was theorized to be missing from the animatronics which caused them to move around at night?
Which is the only game where one can close doors on either side of the office?
Is FNAF 2 a sequel or a prequel to the first game in the series?
What is Five Nights at Freddy's based off of?
What is the sixth night called in FNAF 3?
What happens when balloon boy enters the office in FNAF 2?
Which game has no names for the different rooms?
In FNAF 3, what is the message that hints a minigame hidden in night 2?
What phrase appears in (almost) all the games?
In most of the hidden minigames of FNAF 3, what do you bring to the crying child?

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