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Can you name all the mega evolutions that exist in pokemon (and if applicable, primal forms)?

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(New) TypeMega/Primal PokemonGame Added
PsychicPokemon X/Y
Dark/FirePokemon X/Y
Dragon/FlyingPokemon ORAS
Bug/FightingPokemon X/Y
ElectricPokemon X/Y
Fighting/SteelPokemon X/Y
Water/DarkPokemon ORAS
Water/PsychicPokemon ORAS
WaterPokemon X/Y
Fire/FlyingPokemon X/Y
Steel/FairyPokemon X/Y
Dragon/GroundPokemon X/Y
GhostPokemon X/Y
PsychicPokemon X/Y
Dragon/PsychicPokemon ORAS
Fire/GroundPokemon ORAS
Water/DarkPokemon X/Y
Fire/GroundPokemon ORAS
WaterPokemon ORAS
Dragon/FlyingPokemon ORAS
Dark/GhostPokemon ORAS
Steel/PsychicPokemon ORAS
Bug/PoisonPokemon ORAS
Dragon/PsychicPokemon ORAS
Fire/FightingPokemon X/Y
(New) TypeMega/Primal PokemonGame Added
Rock/FairyPokemon ORAS
Bug/FlyingPokemon X/Y
Psychic/FightingPokemon X/Y
Ghost/PoisonPokemon X/Y
Psychic/FightingPokemon ORAS
Grass/DragonPokemon ORAS
DarkPokemon X/Y
Psychic/FairyPokemon X/Y
Dragon/FairyPokemon ORAS
Electric/DragonPokemon X/Y
Fighting/PsychicPokemon X/Y
Grass/PoisonPokemon X/Y
Rock/FlyingPokemon X/Y
IcePokemon ORAS
Grass/IcePokemon X/Y
Normal/FlyingPokemon ORAS
Rock/DarkPokemon X/Y
Steel/GroundPokemon ORAS
Normal/FairyPokemon ORAS
Water/GroundPokemon ORAS
NormalPokemon X/Y
SteelPokemon X/Y
Bug/SteelPokemon X/Y
Normal/FightingPokemon ORAS
Fire/DragonPokemon X/Y

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