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Can you name the car company by the description of its logo?

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logo descriptioncar companycolor
a bowtieGold
a big horn sheep in a boxRed
four inter-linked circlesSilver
a word in an ovalBlue and White
a crest surrounding a shieldSilver and Gold
a box with some lines in itRed and Black
a circle with a checkerboard in itBlue and White
a pentagon with a 5 point star insideBlack or Gold
a green ocal with 2 words in itGreen and Gold
a circle with a dash through itSilver and Black
3 lettersRed
an arrow pointing downRed
logo descriptioncar companycolor
a rectangle with a cross insideSilver
an oval with stars insideBlue and White
two 'R's in a boxSilver
a circle and a 3 point starSilver
a bullGold and Black
a horse on 2 legsYellow and Black
a four letter word (the two middle letters are the same)Silver or Green
an oval with an upside down 'V' in itSilver or Gold
a square with an 'H' in itSilver
a sort of square with a 'V' in itSilver
a square shape with a borderRed and Silver
a 'B' with wingsSilver and Black

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