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Can you name the character of Parks & Rec?

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I am Deputy Director.
I am Director of Parks.
Ann used to date me.
Doing nothing is cool.
I left the Parks Dept to run Entertainment 720
I have a Mercedes Benz.
I take many herbal suppliments.
I first complained about the pit.
Chris dated my daughter.
I was mayor at 18.
I finished second to Leslie in the election.
I dress as a pirate for Halloween.
I dated Leslie before I moved to San Diego.
I love whipped cream.
I host 'Pawnee Today'.
My band's name is Mouse Rat.
Duke Silver is my alter-ego.
Star Trek & Game of Thrones are shows I watch.
I ran the Newport campaign.
I got 'mugged' in the park.
My middle name is Barbara.
I have a vaccum called 'DJ Roomba'
One of the shows I host is 'Ya' Heard'
I am Ron's Ex-Wife that works at the library.
I tried making a clay-mation video.
I have run 'halfway to the moon'.
I used to work in a sheet metal factory.
Tom is my ex-husband.
I got ran over by a Lexus.
My godfather is the Viceroy of the Principality of Lichtenstein
My cousin is the R&B singer Genuine.
I was a city planner for Pawnee.
I love calzones.
I was Leslie's soulmate.
I terrorize Leslie on Halloween every year.
I own a rubber nipple factory in Pawnee.
I wanted Leslie to resign for the Gay Penguin wedding.
I was reuinted with Leslie's mom on Valentine's Day.
I was Leslies best friend before moving to Eagleton.
I won Miss. Pawnee in 2010.
I am the IRON $!(&$*#&^ of Pawnee.
April dated me when she came to Venezuela.
My real name is Gary.
I am a guitarist in Mouse Rat.
I am a goth.
I send pictures of my junk to everyone.
I try to get Twilight in the time capsule.
I own a salad restaurant in Pawnee.
I am the mayor of Pawnee.
I won Miss. Pawnee in 1994.

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