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Complete the surname: Greg _____
What is the full name of JBL?
What is Hulk Hogan's billed height in feet?
Which Wrestlemania did Hulk Hogan famously bodyslam Andre the Giant?
Triple H became which number victim of the Undertaker's streak after their first match?
Who is 'Double J'?
Which company published the WWE Smackdown! series of video games?
What was Elijah Burke known as in TNA?
What was the nickname of Brutus Beefcake?
Whose finisher is the Gory Bomb?
The Road Warriors were called what in their WWF run?
What is Edge's real name?
From 1999 to 2004, (prominently), which tag team offered bodyguard protection?
Who was Andre the Giant's manager during his late 80's heel turn?
Who did Andre the Giant have a bodyslam challenge with at Wrestlemania in 1985?
Who did Andre the Giant famously lift up and put outside to prevent them from paying the restaurant bill?
What was at once the full ring name of Vader?
Who ended up being the kayfabe illegitimate son of Vince McMahon?
What year did Bret Hart get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?
Where was Wrestlemania 21 held?
Which WCW jobber had the same name as a popular 1976 song by the Trammps?
At which year's Starrcade did Jim Cornette fall off a height breaking his legs?
Which Wrestlemania had the first Hell in a Cell match at the event?
What are the names of both Nasty Boys?
How much does Steve Austin weigh in pounds?

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