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Can you name the missing words to the Animaniacs Theme Song?

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Forced Order
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LyricsMissing Word
It's time for ______!
And we're ______
to the ______.
So just sit back and ______
You'll ______ 'til
you ______. We're Animaniacs!
Come join the ______ ______
and the Warner Sister, ______
Just for ______ we run around
the Warner movie ______.
They lock us in the ______
______ we get caught,
but we break loose and then ______
and now you _______ the plot.
We're Animaniacs! Dot is ______ and Yakko yaks
______ packs away the snacks
while ______ _______ plays the sax.
LyricsMissing Word
______ Animaniacs!
Meet Pinky and the Brain who want to ______
the ______
Good ______ flock together
______ whacks 'em with her purse.
Buttons ______ Mindy
while Rita ______ a verse.
The ______ flipped
we have no ______
why ______ to rehearse?
We're Animaniacs! We have ______ or play contracts.
We're ______
to the ______
There's ______ in our slacks,
We're Animani- ______ insaney
(changes per show) Animaniacs! Those are the ______!

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