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Countries with Authenticated Viking Settlement
Famous Leaders
Byzantine Emperor 527-565 
Sasanian Emperor 531-579 
Visigothic King 569-586 
Frankish King c. 481-511 
Ostrogothic King 493-526 
Christian Patriarchates
Claimants to the English Throne in 1066
Important Dates
Council of Nicaea 
'The Fall of Rome' 
Death of Muhammad 
Bede Completes his Ecclesiastical History 
Vikings sack Lindisfarne for the first time 
Coronation of Charlemagne as Emperor 
Coronation of Otto the Great as Emperor 
Important Cities
Capital of Sasanian Persia 
Capital of the Byzantine Exarchate in Italy 
Capital of Vandal Africa 
Capital of Arab Egypt 
Capital of Charlemagne 
Leader of the Crusades
Pope who preached at the Council of Clermont 
Leader of the People's Crusade 
Leader of the First Crusade 
Leader of the Second Crusade 
Leader of the Third Crusade 

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