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What Covenant leader can you kill without betraying their covenant?
What is the base stamina regeneration rate per second?
What headgear increases your health by a small amount?
Who kills Anastacia?
Where can you find their armor set if you kill them?
Who kills her own father, under the right circumstances?
Why does she do this?
Who is Oroboro?
Who stole Gravelord Nito's power?
How many hitpoints does the Bed of Chaos have? (First NG)
How many Lords can you fight in one Four Lords fight?
Seath suffers from what disability?
What is the largest illusion that lies in Anor Londo?
What area can you find an unlimited supply of Dragon Scales?
What area can you find an unlimited supply of Demon Titanite from a Prowling Demon?
How many Spider Shields can you get in one new game cycle?
What invader can be summoned? (Not a red soapstone)
What weapon deals the most damage (in one hit) at maximum stats?
Where can you find the Red Sign Soapstone?
Who is the Jolly Cooperator?
Who died trying to destroy the Darkwraiths and the Four Kings?
Who are the Monsters of the Abyss?
What is considered rude to do in a fair one-on-one PVP fight?
What is a 'douchebag' move to do in PVP?
Creator's Opinion; What is the best weapon for PVP?
Creator's Opinion: What is the best gesture?
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Created Jan 10, 2020ReportNominate
Tags:dark, Dark Souls, difficult, lore, soul, Veteran

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