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'Dude, Han Solo did the music for my heaaaaaart!'
'Well that's good because new cheerios are reeeeeeally good!'
'No, I wanna play it but I don't wanna play it. It's scary!'
'Bros and Pals and Bros and Pals and. . .'
'Sir, you do realize you're under oats right now?'
'Arin, it's times like this when I realize moments are few'
'Lying to women in bars doesn't work'
'Going down to the gumption junction'
'I was looking for noodle soup, but I saw stripes and I wanted it'
'If I can't be the best, I sure as hell can be the woooorst!'
Damn it, Woman! I tell you once, I tell you twice. Big Spider is good for economy!'
'Oh God, I went into a place where now I'm in reverb. Thanks Barry!'
'Are you butt-****-mucking me?'
'I could be smeagol if I tried'
'Because JON won the GOLD and he WENT for the WIN! Don't you know what i'm talkin' about ARIN!'
'Don's Chin. . . or Jon's Chin?
'You wanna see the rarest form of Arin Hanson: Having Fun?'
'Why the ****'s there eights?'
'Lemme ask you something. Anybody ever come up to you and say 'Hey. . . nice. . . toots''
'WOOOOOOAAAAH! There's no way to come back from that!!!'
'All the jews and whites and blacks and asians and latinos should all die!'
'Arin, do you remember the part where neither of us are funny?'
'That's it. That's all. Jay Leno. Happy Hoopy Hap Scoops'
'You **** played like a gray ape'
'Hey Arin? You wanna go touch bumbums?'
'Oh! Oh! Oh, you didn't win one! Oooh I won 'em all! Don't look at me like that!'
'Hey Boss, Your defenses didn't factor in MUFFINS!'
'Show Voldemort! Show Voldemort! Show that Gooey-ass Potter Jizz!'
'What is this? Touch the kids adventure?'
'Dude, it's like Pera-STROY-ka up in here'
'Okay, for the rest of this episode. . . IT'S A KITTY CAT DANCIN'
'The only person who sees that giant brain, Krydusa. . .it's you'
'I saw Arin put the mickey in my drink, and I said, 'I'll show him, I'm gonna put mickeys in both our drinks''
'Batman, I saw naked pictures of your mother last night on pay-per-view'
'Matchmaker, Matchmaker! Make me a match!'
'Look at my big ol' dumb head, Imma shoot pistaches atches. OH NUT GOD!'
'For the love of God, Arin! GET THAT MAGI!'
'My uncle fought the grass jungly temples in the war'
'It's got the game feel of a tight Russian woman'

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