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Can you answer the clues to events that happened for the first time in 2016?

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This country becomes the first sovereign state to leave the European Union
This MP is the first contender eliminated from the Conservative Party Leadership contest
This aircraft becomes the first to circumnavigate the Earth using Solar Power
This city becomes the first on the South American continent to host the Summer Olympic Games
This Princess of Spain becomes the first Spanish Royal to stand trial in modern memory, for Tax Fraud
Pope Francis meets the head of this religious body, the first time the leaders of the two faiths have met in over 1000 years
A cafe in Japan opens becoming the first to allow customers to engage with which small mammals?
This country introduces its first minister of happiness
This company becomes the first to successfully land a rocket at Sea
Populations of this big cat rise for the first time in over a century
The spacecraft Juno becomes the first to capture exact movements of the moons of which planet
The Blue Tang, is successfully bred in captivity for the first time, in which 2016 film would you find one in a leading role
Which transport network in the UK began operating night services for the first time
Flights between this country and the United States run for the first time since the 1960's
Universities from this Country enter the top 100 university rankings for the first time
Starbucks announces plans to open in this European country for the first time
Donald Trump becomes the first president elect to own his own brand of which alcoholic spirit
This app launches for the first time in 2016, reaching 130 million downloads in its first month
This actor wins his first academy award for his leading role in The Revenant
This online movie streaming service allows users to download titles for the first time
Shinzo Abe becomes the first Japanese Prime Minister to visit which site in the USA
This first female president of Brazil is ousted by an Impeachment trial
This film franchise becomes the first to have four movies each grossing over $1Million
The first baby to be born with DNA from three parents is born in this country
This video game is released with players making 10,000.000 'discoveries' in the first 24 hours
This singer announces she is pregnant with her first child at the age of 50
This football club win the English Premier League for the First time, against the odds
Music streaming overtook downloads for the first time in 2016, but which artist had the most streamed album
This long running animated TV show runs a live-to-air animation for the first time in its history
This Broncos Quarterback becomes the first in history to lead two different teams to multiple superbowls

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