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Can you answer the clues to events that happened for the first time in 2015?

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This religious body appoints Libby Lane its first female bishop
This actress becomes the first transgender person to have their own Madame Tussaud waxwork figure
This country becomes the first in the world to approve 3 person embryo creation techniques
Ariana Miyomoto becomes the first mixed raced entrant from this country at the Miss Universe Pageant
The worlds first Holographic Protest took place outside the parliament building in this country
This film series is screened in China for the first time, nearly 40 years after making its debut in America
This opposition party in South Africa elects its first Black party leader
This country becomes the first to approve same sex marriage as a result of popular vote
This satellite sends back to Earth the first detailed and up close photographs of Pluto and its moon Charon
An Italian surgeon announces plans to perform the first transplant of this body part, with an aim to complete the surgery in 2017
NASA's Dawn probe enters orbit around this dwarf planet, becoming the first satellite to ever orbit such an object
This country becomes the first in the world to eradicate mother-to-child transmission of HIV and Syphilis
The first debris from this doomed flight washes ashore on Reunion Island
NASA announces that what has been discovered on Mars for the first time
The Presidents of these two opposing countries meet for the first time
This country becomes the first NATO member to destroy a Russian aircraft since the 1950's
The agreement of this Climate Change pact marks the first time all countries have been committed to reducing carbon emissions
This intergovernmental military alliance forms for the first time with the aim of protecting Muslim countries from terrorism
This studio becomes the first to release three films in one year each grossing over $1billion
The release of this film takes Marvel over the line to become the first film franchise to gross $9Billion
Women are allowed to vote and run for office for the first time in this country
This woman is elected de-facto head of government in Myanmar's first openly contested elections in 25 years
This businessman first announces his intent to run for President of the United States
This player becomes the first ever to start in five super bowls
This artist becomes the first to achieve two American diamond certified albums in the 2010's
The Dalai Lama makes his first appearance at this music festival, joining Patti Smith on the main stage
David Cameron becomes the first British Prime Minister to visit this South East Asian country
This boy band enter the record books as the first to debut at number one on their first three consecutive albums
It is announced that the space craft Philae did not land as smoothly as intended, it was the first space craft to land on what type of astronomical object
LIGO observe these ripples in spacetime for the first time, before announcing their discovery in early 2016

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