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QUIZ: Can you answer the clues to events that happened for the first time in 2014?

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An outbreak of the Ebola virus is declared in West Africa, starting in this country
The Winter Olympics are held in this city, the first time a post Soviet Russia has held the games
This country becomes the first to be suspended from the G8 following the annexation of the Crimea
This jihadist militant group first launch their offensive in Northern Iraq, eventually seizing the capital from the government
The 'Cuban Thaw' process first begins after secret negotiations between the US and Cuba in which countries?
Prince Jacques is born, becoming the first in line to the throne of this country
This dual national actress becomes the first Kenyan, and the First Mexican to ever win an Academy Award
This TV presenter makes his debut as host of the Tonight Show
This actor becomes the first to join Bear Grylls in his American TV show 'Running Wild'
For the first time ever, the top ten selling albums in the UK are made up of only British Artists with this singer at number one
This country holds its first 'Free and Fair' election since independence in 1956 following a revolution in 2011
This multi-sport international event is held for the first time, organised by Prince Harry of the UK
16 and 17 year olds are able to vote for the first time in this Nation as it holds a referendum on Independence from the United Kingdom
This artist becomes the first drag act to win the Eurovision Song Contest, securing the first win for Austria since 1966
This President of Ireland becomes the first to pay a State visit to the United Kingdom
Anne Hidalgo becomes the first female mayor of this European Capital City
This football player is awarded the Golden Boot at the 2014 World Cup, the first time a Colombian player has been awarded the accolade
This country becomes the first Asian nation to launch a satellite into orbit around Mars
This space craft becomes the first to (somewhat) successfully land on a comet
For the first time researchers sequence the genome of this family of invertebrate
Evidence in Canada indicates for the first time that this dinosaur may have hunted in packs
Plate tectonics are observed on this moon, the first time they are evidenced on another body in the solar system
Candidates in this Supranational bodies presidential election stage their first ever TV debate
This singer becomes the first male winner of The Voice, in the United Kingdom
This British political party wins its first parliamentary seat
The music video to this song is first uploaded to Youtube, quickly becoming the fourth most viewed video of all time on the site
After a few run ins with the law, this popstar is officially arrested for the first time after drink driving and resisting arrest
This British actress is first appointed a Women Goodwill Ambassador to the UN and delivers her first speech in New York
Apple launches the first version of this wearable device
This search engine falls below 10% share of internet searches for the first time

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