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Can you answer the clues to events that happened for the first time in 2013?

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The first ever meteor confirmed to cause mass injuries enters the Earth's atmosphere and hits land in this country
This head of state resigns, the first to do so in his country for over 500 years
Scientists in Oregon publish information detailing the first time human embryonic stem cells have been created using this method
This American government worker first makes contact with journalists, before uploading thousands of classified files to the internet
This country becomes the first to reject a seat on the UN Security Council
The first Euromaidan protests begin in this country after the president rejects an economic agreement with the EU
The 'Joint Plan of Action' becomes the first formal agreement between these two countries in 34 years, its main aim is to limit nuclear weapon capability
The Chang'e 3 spacecraft is launched by this country, and performs the first soft moon landing since 1976
This royal is born to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, their first child and third in line to the Throne
This pope becomes the first to be elected from South America, the Southern Hemisphere and the first jesuit
This movie directed by Jennifer Lee sees her become the first woman to ever direct a full length, animated Disney picture
This actor hosts the 85th Academy Awards and becomes the first solo host, and the first singer host to win an award while hosting
This song becomes the first Bond theme to win a Brit Award, Golden Globe and Academy Award
This stage musical based on a well known story makes it's first appearance, debuting in the West End
Sony and Microsoft first reveal these gaming consoles, their eighth generation machines
Harper Adams is awarded full University title, becoming this English counties's first University
This male tennis player wins his first singles Wimbledon Championship, becoming the first Briton to win since 1936
This golfer wins the U.S Open, his first major title
This King of England becomes the first known ancient person to have their DNA sequenced
The world's first artificial heart transplant is carried out in this European country
This Australian Prime Minister, the first woman to hold the post, loses a leadership ballot and retires from politics
Billboard announce that streaming data from this online source would be included in its calculations of the Hot 100 for the first time
This website and social media platform enters the fortune 500 for the first time
The first season of this TV series, set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe is aired
DNA from this animal is confirmed for the first time in Beef Burgers on sale in supermarkets across the UK and Ireland, causing public outrage
This British Prime Minister, the first woman to hold the title, dies of a stroke aged 87
For the first time worldwide sales of Smartphones exceed basic models, this manufacturer has sold the most units worldwide
For the first time since this online music store launched, music download sales declined year on year
The first mainstream websites begin to accept this alternative currency as an accepted form of payment
Snow falls in this African capital city, the first time it is reported for over 112 years

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