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Can you name the Earth science terms that start with 'U', 'V', or 'W' that complete these questions?

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Hint'U', 'V', or 'W' Term
A structurally high area of the Earth's crust
The part of the mantle closest to the crust
Movement of cold water from the floor of a lake or ocean up into a shallow area
The form of the sun's radiation shorter than visible light
The opening in the crust through which volcanic material erupts
A quantity expressing the magnitude of internal friction in a liquid
A bubble formed by expanding gases in volcanic rocks
The act of changing a liquid into a gas
A low area of land between hills or mountains
A fracture that has been filled with mineral material
The state of the atmosphere and its short term variations
The entire area drained by a stream and its tributaries
An intermittent stream channel found in a desert
Air in motion relative to the surface of the earth
A hole dug into the ground in the attempt to intersect water

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