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Can you answer these questions from each category about the city of Calgary, Canada?

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In which year Calgary did host the Winter Olympic Games? 
What is a nickname of any of the three professional sports teams in Calgary? 
Which other Albertan city is Calgary's rival in most sporting events? 
What is the name of either of the rivers that 'arrow' their ways through the city? 
To the nearest 100,000 people, what is the metropolitan population, in millions, of Calgary? 
In which major mountain range's foothills does Calgary lie? 
Which famous auditorium holds musical performances year round? 
Which award-winning musical artist from Calgary is best known for her single, Hideaway? 
Which Calgary-born musical artist is best known for her 1994 hit Insensitive? 
Which 2015 Oscar winner was filmed in the Calgary area? 
In which two months (name either) is the Calgary International Film Festival held? 
Which 2014 Christopher Nolan movie was filmed in Calgary and the surrounding areas? 
Which late Glee star was born in Calgary? 
Which show named after a nearby North Dakotan city is filmed in Calgary? 
Which Calgary-born actress is well known for her role as Kim Bauer in 24? 
Just For Fun
Which color makes up the majority of Calgary's flag? 
Can you determine the city's motto from this scrambled sequence? WROADN 
What word is missing from the following? Royal Canadian _______ Police 
Which school is the city's largest degree-granting facility? 
What is the name of the Calgary landmark with a uniquely horse-related shape? 
Which two names (name either) were Alberta's most popular in 2016? 
Before the arrival of Europeans, which Native Confederacy inhabited the land? 
Who was the first documented European to settle in the Calgary area in 1873? 
The discovery of which natural resource boomed Calgary's economy during the 20th century? 
What 1916 Charles Scribner travelogue was one of the first novels to describe the city's Wild Western idealism? 
How many branches of the Calgary Public Library are there? 
In which district of Panem* would Calgary be located? 
Which country is home to the town Calgary is named after? 
Which are the two official languages of the city? 
What are the english translations of the Old Norse words, 'kald' and 'gart', which are theorized to be the foundation of the name Calgary'? 
From which geological era are the fossils recently found near Calgary and said to be the 'best-preserved in the world'? 
Which canine animal is commonly found within the city of Calgary? 
What is the name of the dry coastal wind blown over Calgary's neighboring mountains? 
In which RISK territory is Calgary located? 
In which railway-themed board game does Calgary appear? 
Which Calgary-created split screen puzzle game has been award-winning since 2015? 
Which Calgary-born comic artist is best known for his work on The Amazing Spider-Man and creation of the Spawn series? 
Which Calgary-born dancer and choreographer is well-known for his role as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance? 
Which Texas senator and recent presidential candidate was born in Calgary? 
Which religion makes up the majority of the population? 
Which religion makes up the largest minority of the population at 5.2%? 
What kind of local indigenous belief involves the creator, Napioa? 
What is Calgary nicknamed based on the annual July rodeo called the 'Calgary Stampede' 
Which nearby national park is a popular tourist destination for several outdoor sports? 
In 2010, which neighborhood celebrated 100 years of their culture assimilating into that of Calgary's 

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