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Can you name the Earth science term that start with 'H' that complete these questions?

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Hint'H' Term
A large, cyclonic storm that forms over tropical waters
A 3 sided peak on a mountain formed from intersecting cirques
The environment where a particular plant or animal is normally found
The north or south of an equator or the east or west of a meridian
The site of volcanic activity
Precipitation made of lumps of layered ice
A block of rock bounded by two faults moved relatively upward
All of the waters of Earth above and below ground
An intense dust storm carried by a weather front often found in arid regions of the world
A thin spire of rock protruding from the bottom of an arid basin such as Bryce Canyon
Water with more than salt per liter than average
A point under the Earth's surface where an earthquake originates; also known as a focus
The oldest Eon in Earth's history, from the origin of Earth to 3.9 billion years ago
The resistance of a mineral to being scratched
The sedimentary rock that is formed by the evaporation of ocean or saline waters; commonly known as salt

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