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Can you name the Earth science term that start with 'F' that complete these questions?

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Hint'F' Term
The animal population of an area
The change in state from a liquid to a solid
The boundary between two air masses of different characteristics
A fracture on the boundary between two tectonic plates
A glaciated valley flooded by the sea
The initial point of an earthquake directly below the epicenter
The way in which a rock or mineral breaks
An overflow of water that covers land that is not typically under water
A light and brief snow shower
The preserved trace of the remains of a plant or animal
The deposition of ice crystals on a surface directly from the water vapor in the atmosphere
An open crack in the Earth's surface
Small earthquakes that precede the largest in a sequence
A vent that emits hot gases into the atmosphere, usually near a volcano
Granular snow on a glacier that has not yet been compressed into ice

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