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Can you name the Earth science term that start with 'D' that complete these questions?

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Hint'D' Term
A region with arid climate and little precipitation
The deposit of sediments at the mouth of the river
Water condensed onto objects near the ground
A shortage of water; a period of dryness
The rainy equatorial belt of low pressure and slowly rising air
The term for a presently inactive volcano that may erupt again
The progressive wearing-away and lowering of the Earth's surface
Material deposited by a glacier
A mound or ridge of wind-deposited sand
The hardest natural gemstone and most popular gemstone
A ridge that separates two different drainage basins
A tabular igneous intrusion that cuts across the surrounding rock
Weathering processes that are the result of chemical reactions
Term to describe the boundary of two tectonic plates that are pulling apart
The removal of any unconsolidated material by wind

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