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QUIZ: Can you name the places in California that start with each letter of the alphabet?

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LetterCalifornia LocationDescription
ACalifornia's neighbor to the southeast
BThe largest city in the south Central Valley
CA group of islands directly south of Santa Barbara
DBadwater Basin in this desert is the lowest point in the western hemisphere
ECalifornia city that shares its name with the state motto
FThe largest city in the Central Valley and fifth largest in California
GThe strait connecting San Francisco Bay to the ocean
HNeighborhood in Los Angeles famous for its movie-making industry
IThis community borders Point Reyes National Seashore and shares a name with a Scottish city
JNational park that shares its name with its native tree
KThis northern California river is the second largest in the state
LCalifornia's largest city
MThis southeast California desert is the driest in North America
LetterCalifornia LocationDescription
NThis valley is a world famous wine growing region
OCalifornia's neighbor to the north
PCalifornia's only bordering ocean
QA neighborhood in Riverside County that shares its name with the California state bird
RThe largest city of northern California starting with 'R'
SCalifornia's capital and sixth largest city
TThe large lake on the border of Nevada and California
UWith a population of 75,413, this is the largest city in the US starting with U
VThe largest city of Solano county that shares its name with a famous Californio general
WThe highest summit in the contiguous United States
XThe ranch home to the Pit River Tribe in Modoc County
YNational Park home to Half Dome and El Capitan
ZFormerly Camp Soda and Soda Springs; good luck pronouncing its name!

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