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Can you name the Earth science terms that start with 'A' that complete these questions?

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Hint'A' Term
A large mass of snow sliding or falling rapidly
The farthest point of the moon in its orbit around Earth
The layer of gases surrounding Earth
Hawaiian term for lava flow with a rough, jagged surface
Volcanic rock commonly from subduction zones that gets its name from a mountain range
The weak zone in the upper mantle just below the lithosphere
A group or scattering of islands
An instrument to measure the speed of wind
The reflectivity of an object or surface
A smaller earthquake following in the wake of a larger one
A transparent variety of quartz, commonly purple
An instrument to determine the altitude of an object
The fold in rock strata with a convex upward shape
A circular scar on the Earth from a meteorite or comet
The loss of snow or ice from a glacier

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