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Song LyricAlbum
Abacinate!Reign in Blood
Do you want to Die?Reign in Blood
Paranoid psychotic heart of stone... My blood runs coldDivine Intervention
...From a lacerated sky, Bleeding its horrorReign in Blood
Blood sucking creatures of the night...Hell Awaits
Dance with the Dead in my dreams...Seasons in the Abyss
Step outside yourself and let your mind goSeasons in the Abyss
God Hates Us All!God Hates Us All
...Awaiting the mass genocideHaunting the Chapel
The gates of pearl have turned to gold.. It seems you've lost your wayReign in Blood
Song LyricAlbum
...coils of the serpent unwindSouth of Heaven
promiscuous mothers with your incestuous fathers...South of Heaven
I stab you right between the eyes!World Painted Blood
Evil!,,, My words defyShow no Mercy
The final swing is not a drill, it's how many people I can kill!Seasons in the Abyss
Hail Satan!Christ Illusion
This is God's war...God's war... **** holy warChrist Illusion
Here in 1994, things are different than before...Divine Intervention
Stricken by the force of Evil light...Show No Mercy
...Can't stop the warring factions!Diabolus in Musica

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