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What type of oil rig was the Deepwater Horizon?
What was the name of the oil field where the spill occurred
How did they permanently stop the oil spill?
What was the safety feature in place that failed?
What materials were used in the 'junk-shot' technique?
What are the temporary floating barriers they used called?
Which celebrity owns centrifugal separator technology?
Name one of the two types (with numbers people!) of the chemical dispersants used
True or false: The EPA approved the use of COREXIT as a chemical dispersant.
Name one of the two products of bioremediation
Name the hurricane that revealed more oil left in the Gulf of Mexico?
What is the world's largest oil skimmer called?
Name one of the volatile organic compunds found in crude oil?
What displaces oxygen in water, creating dead zones?
What is the main chemical found in COREXIT?
What was the main biological marker used for environmental toxicity studies in COREXIT use?
What mineral was found precipitated in fish that caused lesions?
What is the name of the study that the US Department of Health and Human Services is undertaking to study the effects of the oil spill on clean up workers?
Name one of the two companies other than BP, the US Justice Department blamed for the spill?
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