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Can you name the words ending in -ology?

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a collection of writings compiled into one work
the study of humankind
what you owe someone if you hurt their feelings
the study of past human societies through artifacts / material culture
aries, cancer, and libra are all signs from this system of belief
the study of hearing
the study of life
the study of the heart
an arrangement of events in their order
the study of the present universe and humanity's place in it
the study of society's rule-breakers
the study of hidden communication and codes
the study of cells
a branch of ethics that judges actions based on their adherence to rules
the study of skin
the study of the relations between organisms in their environment
the study of insects
the study of the health and illnesses of populations
a branch of philosophy dealing with the scope and nature of knowledge
the study of different ethnic, racial, or national groups
the study of the social or cultural aspects of music
the study of the history of words
the study of the digestive system
the study of the earth
the study of aging
medical practice dealing with the female reproductive system
the art of combining medicinal herbs
the study of reptiles and amphibians
the study of water
the study of fish
a comprehensive system of belief or vision/worldview
the study of the immune system
the study of movement
the study of weather
the set of rules used by a discipline
the study of...very small life
the study of music
a body of stories concerning the origins of the world
medical practice dealing with the nervous system
the study of the sea
the study of tumors/cancer
the philosophical study of being and the nature of existence
the study of the eye
the study of birds
the study of prehistoric life (think dinosaur bones)
the study of diseases and their categorization
the study of punishment
the study of drugs
Husserl's school of philosophy
the study of historical linguistics
a hypothesis, now obsolete, that human personality can be understood through the shape of the skull
the study of organs, organ systems, cells, etc. within an organism
the study of the mind
the study of radioactive material
an American religion started by L Ron Hubbard in 1952 featuring e-meters and auditing
the study of earthquakes
the study of society
the usage or material product of tools; its come a long way over the past 300 years
branch of philosophy dealing with purpose or design
the study of god
the study of problems associated with cities
the study of volcanoes
the study of animals

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