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Can you name the Disney movie from these obscure lines?

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Forced Order
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Stop beatin' your gums and sound the attack
Send me an angel. The nicest angel you have.
I am baring my soul here, the least you can do is pay attention.
Hey, you're revenge of the ugly.
If the boy goes about saying the world is round, they'll take him for a lunatic.
Seven years bad luck. That's what it is. Besides, you broke your mother's mirror.
Okay. He's talkin' to you. You the boss.
Don't go away. Please. No one's ever stuck with me for so long.
You buttered your bread. Now sleep in it.
How would you like being left alone out in a cold, cruel, heartless world?
The truth is we're both frauds.
Look. He's trying to talk. He's trying to say 'bird'.
I went along my merry way and never stopped to reason.
Well, after all, waking him up in the middle of the night. Wouldn't you be grumpy too?
Bright and alert as always. Here's the list. You know what to do and no mistakes!
What does a girl know about swords, anyway?
My family owned a flower shop.
It's called blood, hero!
You could stay. You could have your own castle.
All these facts and opinions look the same. I can't tell them apart.

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