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1. What US state can sometimes be called 'The Orange State'?
2. What is the 25th book in the Old Testment of the Holy Bible?
3. Who is the founder of Sporcle?
4. José Mujica is the 40th President of which South American Country?
5. Men's 2013 Tennis Singles Wimbledon Champion
6. 90210 is a famous postcode/zip code of what City?
7. a 'Boulangerie' is a French word for what?
8. What breed of dog is Frank in the first two 'Men In Black' films
9. Q1-8 clues, anagram of famous book/TV/Film character
10. Which country is the rugby team 'the all blacks' from
11. Which car company took over Bugatti?
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12. Which popular TV soap was first broadcast in 1985?
13. Diwali is a festival within what religion?
14. The famous F1 Racing driver Sebastian Vettel comes from what country?
15. Q9-14 clues, anagram of a famous book/tv film character
16. How many total spaces are there on a standard monopoly board?
17. What famous battle took place on the 18th June 1815?
18. Harare is the capital of which African country?
19. Which actress plays the Heroine in the popular Book and Film 'The Hunger Games'?
20.Which country hosted the 1998 FIFA World Cup?
21. Q15-20 clues, anagram of a famous book/TV film character
22. What 'D' does the answers to Q9,15 & 21 have in common?

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