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Can you name the Supergrass songs by their opening lyric?

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Life is a cigarette, you smoke 'til the end.
It's (song title), I'm thinking of you, words that you say.
I got a girl and her name is (song title), I like to shock her on a basis daily.
We are young, we run green, keep our teeth nice and clean.
I know a place where the (song title). Everyone changes and burns out the night.
Before the time of the morning sandman, I can find my way around.
Yesterday seems (song title) and I can see it true.
The loneliness at times, I can feel it open wide.
(song title), well I was still on the buzz.
Got my hobnails, I got the jitter shakes.
(song title) is on the way. My love, I know I'm goin' away.
Does a (song title) make it hard to smile?
I've been around and around but I've got nowhere to go now.
Well we jumped all night on your trampoline, and when you kissed the sky it made your sister scream.
Wait a minute, now you just can't run away. You got no money and you got no place to stay.
Now that our eyes have (song title), well the world lies twisted and weird.
Last night she brought me to the state of mind in an empty room.
If you like me, you can buy me and take me home.
I'm losing sleep, so I walk these dirty streets.
Got it today, what a day, thanks a million.

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