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what is the tattoo on frank's neck of?
who in the band is a vegetarian?
what holiday is frank's birthday on?
what is frank iero's middle name?
what is frank's wife called?
what are frank's twin daughters called?
what is frank's son called?
what band was frank in before mcr?
what is frank afraid of?
what is frank's current project? (2015)
what is mikey's new band called?
who is frerard?
who in the band is bi-polar?
what is gerard afraid of?
how many albums does mcr have?
what is gerard's favorite book?
who was mcr's last drummer?
who was mcr's first drummer?
what is gerard's wife called?
what is gerard's daughter's full name?
what band is gerard's wife in?
who is the best lead guitarist in the world?
mcr released a series of EPs.. what were they called?
what year did mcr form?
what event inspired gerard to form the band?
what is their 1st album called?
who was kicked out of the band for stealing?
what color was gerard's hair during revenge era?
who is the youngest in the band?
what was mcr's first song ever written?

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