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Can you name the Reformation/Missionary Church/ Vat. II?

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Who started the Jesuits?
Who was the famous Catholic missionary to China?
What is the Jesuit approach to missionary work?
What denomination did Wesley's followers become?
Who led the religious revolution in Switzerland?
What is another name for the Church of England?
Who founded the Carmelites?
When was the Council of Trent?
What missionary approach caused the Chinese to reject their customs and language?
Who is a native Aztec peasant who saw Mary?
Who was the driving force for the spread of the Gospel in India?
Who is the Scottish Protestant missionary who entered the heart of Africa?
What kind of people were the focus early Australian missionary work?
Who started the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith in 1622?
What was pope John XXIII's real name?
can you ace your faith exam?YES!
At what age did pope John XXIII become pope?
Who called the Council of Vatican II?
What pope was the successor of Pope John XXIII?
How many documents came out of Vatican II?
What word means 'return to the sources and let them teach you'?
What word means 'read the signs of the times and bring yourself up to date'?
What does re-evangelize mean?
What word means 'reaching out to all non-Catholics'?
Who excommunicated Luther?
Who wrote 95 theses?
Who refused to sign the Act of Supremacy?
Who declared himself the head of the Church of England?
What is Theresa of Avila's most famous work?
Which denomination refused to show up to the Council of Trent?
Which two denominations disagreed with Zwingli's beliefs about the Eucharist?

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