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The british___ established a growing supremacy over the kind
When this plan was presented to the colonial assemblies none approved and they cried 'a union is necessary'
An uneasy balance of power, religious reasons, ___ blank commercial tensions were the causes of the French and Indian war
The most powerful native group that played the English and French against each other
Washington built this stockade to prevent French expansion
Failed to retake forks of the Ohio river
This marked the beginning of the end of the American phase of the war
The peace of___ ended the war
Allowed London to control westward movement of white population
Was created to eliminate the illegal sugar trade, established in 1764
Required colonial assemblies to stop issuing paper money
Imposed a tax on most printed documents
came from Philadelphia to demand relief from colonial taxes to defend themselves against Indians
These created an impression in other colonies that the people of Virginia were more militant than they actually were
Terrorized stamp agents in the stamp act crisis
Required colonists to provide supplies and housing for troops
Leading figure in public rage over the Boston massacre

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