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What is the exact date of Percy's birthday
Who was the last olympian
What is Percy's sword made out of
Why did Sally Jackson marry Gabe
Who did Dionysus choose to go on the quest in book 2 instead of Percy[first aand last name]
On the quest in book 2 what were they supposed to retrieve
How did Medusa lure Percy and his friends into her lair
Who accompianed Percy on the qiest to retrieve the Lightning Bolt[first and last name]
What theme park did Percy and his friends visit on their first quest
Who did Percy think stole the Lightning Bolt
Who really stole the Lightning Bolt
When did Annabeth kiss Percy for the first time
Who led Percy and his friends through the Labryth
Who surprised the Romans by being alive[first and last name]
Why were they surprised that question 14 was alive
What was Luke's sword called
What was Luke's sword made of
Who accompianed Thalia when she turned into a pine tree[first and last name]
What was Luke's last name
Who were the seven people defeating
Who were the seven people going on the quest[first and last name]
Who's idea was it to give Percy and Jason amnesia
What is the food of the Gods
What does Annabeth prefer to fight with
Who did Nico have a crush on[first and last name]
What is the casino that slows down time
What was the name of Luke's cruise shipg
Why did Luke say He would give the fleece back once he used it
What god does Grover worship
How does Frank free Thanatos
What is Frank's life tied to
What did Aphrodite tell Piper that this was the only thing she could do to defeat Gaia
What goddess does Leo fall in love with
What was the answer to question number 33's power
Who does Leo meet on an island
Question number 35 answer's father
Why did Percy refuse to be immortal
What is special about Hazel
What was Nico's last name
What book did Bianca die in

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