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Who is the Headmaster of Harry's Summer school?
What is the name of Harry's hippogriff?
What is the underground chamber beneath Hogwarts created by Salazar Slytherin?
What is the secret Defence Against The Dark Arts society that Harry founded?
What is the most powerful wand in the world?
What is Dumbledore's Phoenix named?
What is the youngest Weasley child, and the only daughter named?
What is Harry Potter's wizard school called?
What is the spell that puts anything you perform it on under your control?
What is the surname of the Weasley twin's best friend?
What is the name of Sirius' house elf?
What is Neville's surname?
What is the Wizard Goverment called?
What is Voldemort's snake called?
In the fifth Harry Potter book, what does Dumbledore want Snape to teach Harry in order to keep Voldemort from reading his mind?
What was Sirius' animagus nickname when his was at school?
What is the name of the big, red ball that you play with in Quidditch to score goals?
What is the surname of the actor that plays Harry Potter in the films?
What is Snape's first name?
What does Nymphadora prefer to go by?
What does Snape make with with Draco's mum to promise her that he will keep Draco safe?
What is Harry's uncle's name?
What is Harry's best friends surname?
Legilimecy is like your mind being _____________?
What is the name of the dance that all of Hogwarts attended in Harry's 4th year?
Where did the Dursleys take Harry for Dudley's birthday in the 1st book?

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