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Thalia's Shield's Name- Silver Bracelet
Dionysus' name in Roman Form
What Percy's sword is made of and most greek demigod weapons
Man who created the labyrinth- son of Athena
Kronos' sidekick- son of Nemesis
Hazel's boyfriend- Amazing with the bow and arrow
Magic green fire- highly explosive
Zeus's wife- Queen of the Gods- Just wants a perfect family
Daedalus's son- Got killed from flying with golden metal wings- 4th book
God of Doorways, Endings, Begininngs and Choices- We met him in the labyrinth- He has 2 heads
Vampire cheerleader- hard to kill- We met him in the 4th book
Where is Half- blood Hill/ Camp Half- blood?
Hermes' wife- Luke's mum- she tried to see too much
Goddess of Revenge
Spirit of Delphi, Slayer of the mighty Python, Speaker of Prophecies from Phobos Apollo.
One of Dionysus' twins- his brother died in the 4th book
Daedalus' fake identity- he used it when he first came to Camp Half- blood
Percy's redhead friend- becomes the new Oracle in the 5th book
In the 1st book, when does Percy have to return Zeus' master bolt by?
Part- time activities director in the 2nd book
Percy's 1st step-dads surname- Sally refused to take it
Where Percy met Rachel- 4th letter is 'v'
Rachel's dads first name
Monster- body of a lion, head of a woman- attacked tyson in the woods- last letter is 'x'
Percy's school in the 1st book
King of the gods- Thalia's dad- owner of the master bolt- eldest of the 'Big Three'

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