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The name which is given to Capitol servants, who have had their tongues cut
The food Peeta and his dad trade with Katniss and Gale
District 12's name for the Hunger Games tributes from Districts 1,2 and 4
Who is Katniss's and Gale's red-headed friend from the market in District 12, who was later captured by the Capitol and soon killed?
___________ Trinket
The member of Katniss's prep team, who's name begins with a 'F'
Katniss's best male friend back in District 12
The games invented by the Capitol (Katniss and Peeta took part in the 74th and 75th event)
Katniss treats Peeta's thigh _______ in the arena
Bird muttations created by the Capitol to repeat conversations to spy
Main character
Katniss's favourite food from the Capitol
Katniss has to become the rebels' _____________ to help them win the revoloution
Poisonous berries Foxface dies from
Colour of backpack Katniss managed to grab at the Cornucopia
Country Katniss lives in
Name of the Hunger Game that happens every 25 years
Event in which the tributes for the Games are announced by Effie Trinket
The poorest area of District 12, where Katniss and Gale, along with their families, live
Poisonous wasps which Katniss used to kill Glimmer while she was asleep
Madge's surname
The member of Katniss's prep team, who's name begins with a 'V'
The first thing Katniss searched for, as soon as she entered the woods in the arena, while running from the Careers
Katniss's nickname for the female tribute from District 5
Katniss's and Peeta's mentor for the Hunger Games
The training score Katniss was prepared to get after her incident with the Gamekeepers in her private training lesson with them

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