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Hagrid's large 'pet' spider
Sirius' killer
2nd oldest of the Weasley children
Harry's spoilt chubby cousin
The Weasley's family owl
Head of Ravenclaw
Founder of Gryffindor
Founder of Hufflepuff
Type 'I' (make sure to type a space after, or it won't accept your answer)
Harry's dad
The Black family House elf
Harry's mum
Ron's mum
Former owner of the Philosopher's stone (before it got destroyed)
Maker of Harry's wand
Ron's pet rat's true identidy
Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher in Harry's first year
Founder of Ravenclaw
Founder of Slytherin
Harry and Ron's classmate/friend, plus Ginny's former boyfriend (surname first, then first name)
Defence Against the Darks Arts teacher in Harry's 5th year (only surname)
Killer of Harry's parents
Harry's first Quidditch Captain (surname first, then first name)
Luna Lovegood's father's name (plus surname)
Type YAXLEY. he's a death eater but i don't know how to describe him
Slytherin student, part of the 'Slug Club'. Thinks Ginny is pretty

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