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Can you name the Hero's of Olympus: cabin members?

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Forced Order
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Who is the head counselor of Aphrodite cabin?
Who becomes the head counselor?
Who helps Piper pack for her quest?
Who is head counselor of Athena cabin while Annabeth is gone?
Who is head counselor of Hypnos cabin?
Who used to sleep in Jason's cabin?
Who shows Leo around camp?
Who is in a body cast in Leo's cabin?
Who takes Leo to his cabin at first?
Who's bed does Leo get?
Who was the traitor from Aphrodite cabin?
Who is hired for messing things up?
What cabin is Lou Ellen from?
Who temporarily shares a cabin with Nico?
Who is head counselor of Demeter cabin?
Who does Annabeth send a letter from Tartarus to?
Who goes to meet the Romans with Rachel?
Who was the only one able to control the bronze dragon?
Who's able to now control it?
Who is the main satyr in this series?

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