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Forced Order
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Who risks his life to defeat Gaea but wasn't really a hero?
Who does Nico kill?
What crime did Reyna commit that Bryce accused her of?
Who was the ginger-haired hunter of Artemis?
What happened to the ginger-haired hunter of Artemis in the Titan's curse?
Which giant fell in love with Artemis?
Who risked his life to defeat Gaea, but didn't die?
Who got bonked in the head by Tyson?
Who is the queen of the Amazons?
Who is the queen of the Amazons sister?
Who takes Nico's dream of track to show him a meeting at Camp Half-blood?
Did Thalia Grace die?
Who wanted Nico to stay in camp after the war was over?
Who were the only two people who hugged Nico?
What was Coach Hedge's baby's name?
Who was the baby's godmother?
In revenge for whose death does Leo blast Gaea?
Who says 'Born a Roman, die a Roman'?
Who turned six Romans into pigs?
Who messed up the onagers?

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