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Who takes the sky from Annabeth?
What is Annabeth looking for in the Mark of Athena?
What is Annabeth's worse fear?
What ride does Annabeth go on with Percy in the Lightning Thief?
Who does Annabeth take the sky from?
Who really defeats Kronos by getting Luke to stab himself? Percy or Annabeth
What is Annabeth's magic item?
What number plan does Annabeth's mother tell her to use in the Last Olympian?
Who does Annabeth send a message to from Tartarus?
Who promises Annabeth a family?
Who is Annabeth's boyfriend?
What is Annabeth's mothers name?
Whose death makes Annabeth realize that Luke is a traitor?
What is her Roman name?
Who says to Annabeth and Percy 'tell the sun and stars hello from me!'
Who is Annabeth looking for the whole Lost Hero?

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