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Seaweed Brain
Wise Girl
Pinecone Face
War Girl
Dating G-Man
Kronos' vessel
Fish ponies!
Death Boy's sister
Death Boy
Twin of the other one
Twin of the other other one
Ugh, her.
Dating the hero who was a spy
In bandages
Rainbows. Very macho.
I danced with Carter
People ship me with a Stoll
She was a spy--I MEAN HERO!!!!!!
Sister who can beat up Repair Boy
Sparky aka Blond Superman
Beauty Queen
Repair Boy
Behold! Diet Coke!
Mr. Brunner
Chinese Canadian Baby
Witch Girl
In the stars
Helper of Iris
Hunter of Artemis
The little **** everyone hates
I'll help check people!
I am your brother, and pegasus' brother
*censored horse language*
Hey, Boss! Got any donuts?
You'll forget her.
Preator's sister and ruler of the Amazons
Preator girl
Seaweed Brain's first step-dad
Seaweed Brain's second step-dad
Seaweed Brain's mom
Kronos' vessels' mom
Sparky's mom
Beauty Queen's dad
Death boy's mom
Witch girl's mom
Praetor's father
Repair boy's mom
Red's pops
Canadian baby's mother
Peanut Butter sandwiches
Haha, off to escape death again!
Can eat or drink anything
Tell the stars that ______ says hello
My twin brother is an idiot.
I shall master this Valdezinator!
Things would be a lot easier to handle if I could just keep it in my pants
My husband is always sleeping around
My mom threw me off a mountain
I love my reflection
Yo, wanna go surfing?
There is no escape from hell
Makes great campfires
I like them! Oh, look, a flower...
Got wings?
Wiser that you.
The official shoe brand of the Olympics
It's sort of windy
Knock knock:
How else will you send a message?
Get some revenge on your___________
They were looking for this dude in TBotL
Put you to sleep in fiv-zzzzzzz
Still holding up the sky
Titan of time-was hit in the eye with blue plastic hairbrush
Sunny titan
Mother Earth
Previous ruler of the oceans
Gave birth to all gods
Gave man fire
The giant black dog-with one head
Control when you die
Sent to punish you

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