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Forced Order
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Who welcomes being shot in the head?
What did Michael eat before the rabies marathon?
What branch is Karen the eventually the manager of?
Which room do Jim & Pam stay in at Schrute Farms?
Who is Michael's realtor?
When is Pam's scheduled wedding date?
What is Pam's mom's name?
What actor plays broccoli Rob?
What is Andy's acapella group called at Cornell?
Who says: 'Have you lost your mind, cause I'll help you find it!'
What is Charles Minor's favorite sport?
What is Jan's ex-husband's surname?
What does Stanley get Phyllis for her wedding?
What does the office decide to buy in 'The Surplus'? (Although Michael already turned in the money)
Who is the name of the captain of the booze cruise?
Who stalls for Jim & Pam at the corporate volleyball game?
Where in CO do Holly's parents live?
What veggie does Dwight farm?
Who from the office comes to Pam's art show last?
What is Jim's favorite kind of soda?
Who poses as Kelly's supervisor?
How much money does David Wallace offer to buy out the Michael Scott Paper Company?
What company does David Wallace create?
Who is the CEO of Dunder-Mifflin?
Who is the CEO of Sabre?
How many office workers are on the finance team?
What does Kevin use for shoes at Jim & Pam's wedding?
Where is Jim and Pam's wedding ceremony?
Who holds David Wallace's kid 'hostage'?

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