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Can you name the abilities that each set of pokemon have in common?

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Weedle, Scatterbug
Camerupt, Carracosta
Mantine, Floatzel
Kecleon (Signature Ability)
Chansey, Sawsbuck
Darmanitan (Signature Ability)
Rhydon, Mienshao
Pineco, Tyrunt
Dhelmise (Signature Ability)
Tentacruel, Gulpin
Talonflame (Signature Ability)
Blitzle, Emolga
Tropius, Tangrowth
Electrike, Klang
Nidorina, Combee
Croagunk, Seismitoad
Growlithe, Typhlosion
Xerneas (Signature Ability)
Tapu Koko (Signature Ability)
Golem-Alola (Signature Ability)
Florges, Oranguru
Muk-Alola (Signature Ability)
Ninjask, Lampent
Sandile, Crabrawler
Cutiefly, Bounsweet
Lileep, Finneon
Cradily, Malamar
Munchlax, Trumbeak
Charjabug (Signature Ability)
Araquanid (Signature Ability)
Arbok, Houndour
Dugtrio-Alola (Signature Ability)
Gumshoos (Signature Ability)
Toxapex (Signature Ability)
Furfrou, Persian-Alola
Clauncher, Mega Blastoise
Skarmory, Mandibuzz
Rayquaza (Signature Ability)
Victreebel, Linoone
Magcargo, Camerupt
Nosepass, Meltan
Salazzle (Signature Ability)
Delibird, Mega Mewtwo Y
Kangaskhan, Darumaka
Bronzong (Signature Ability)
Hypno, Musharna
Bellossom, Alomomola
Cherrim (Signature Ability)
Golisopod (Signature Ability)
Articuno, Mamoswine
Mimikyu (Signature Ability)
Silvally (Signature Ability)
Kricketune, Roserade
Arceus (Signature Ability)
Stantler, Zebstrika
Drampa (Signature Ability)
Illumise, Riolu
Anorith, Beartic
Tangela, Roselia
Electrode, Garbodor
Slakoth, Durant
Wynaut, Gothorita
Honchkrow, Pyroar
Porygon, Kirlia
Granbull, Bonsly
Aromatisse (Signature Ability)
Squirtle, Wingull
Drifblim (Signature Ability)
Wigglytuff, Yanmega
Mudsdale (Signature Ability)
Minior (Signature Ability)
Mega Kangaskhan (Signature Ability)
Gogoat (Signature Ability)
Dodrio, Chatot
Vileplume, Morelull
Charizard, Sunkern
Dewgong, Walrein
Castform (Signature Ability)
Alakazam, Cleffa
Zapdos, Manectric
Archeops (Signature Ability)
Scyther, Lycanroc
Crawdaunt, Feebas
Starmie, Patrat
Pelipper, Politoed
Mawile, Gliscor
Necrozma (Signature Ability)
Jigglypuff, Spewpa
Corphish, Grotle
Mr. Mime, Mega Aggron
Solgaleo (Signature Ability)
Reshiram, Kyurem-White
Tyrogue, Luxio
Quilladin, Hakamo-o
Sharpedo, Garchomp
Empoleon, Passimian
Delcatty (Signature Ability)
Mega Pinsir, Mega Salamence
Breloom, Gliscor
Vulpix, Torkoal
Numel, Salandit
Zangoose (Signature Ability)
Diggersby, Dedenne
Foongus, Mienfoo
Palossand (Signature Ability)
Komala (Signature Ability)
Primal Kyogre (Signature Ability)
Armaldo, Drapion
Venomoth, Skitty
Natu, Mega Diancie
Clefable, Cosmog
Mega Glalie, Amaura
Beautifly, Pidove
Regigigas (Signature Ability)
Oricorio (Signature Ability)
Carvanha, Whirlipede
Watchog, Shiinotic
Oddish, Kricketot
Passimian (Signature Ability)
Victini (Signature Ability)
Sableye (Signature Ability)
Scizor, Metagross
Bastiodon, Snover
Primarina (Signature Ability)
Lunala (Signature Ability)
Cofagrigus (Signature Ability)
Xurkitree, Poipole
Magearna (Signature Ability)
Bagon, Tyrantrum
Pidgeotto, Swanna
Ultra Necrozma (Signature Ability)
Minun, Pachirisu
Shedinja (Signature Ability)
Ferroseed, Togedemaru
Vanilluxe, Vulpix-Alola
Parasect, Jellicent
Marowak-Alola, Togedemaru
Greninja (Signature Ability)
Seedot, Barbaracle
Bruxish (Signature Ability)
Abra, Beheeyem
Yveltal (Signature Ability)
Sandshrew, Stoutland
Gigalith, Mega Tyranitar
Glameow, Mareanie
Darkrai (Signature Ability)
Numel, Swoobat
Hariyama, Toucannon
Seadra, Dragalge
Eevee, Ferrothorn
Gloom, Grimer
Swellow, Exploud
Wishiwashi (Signature Ability)
Wailord, Pawniard
Sylveon, Mega Altaria
Klinklang, Diancie
Teddiursa, Ribombee
Tapu Bulu (Signature Ability)
Geodude, Sandygast
Wimpod (Signature Ability)
Tsareena (Signature Ability)
Throh, Hawlucha
Meditite, Noivern
Raichu-Alola (Signature Ability)
Tapu Fini (Signature Ability)
Ampharos, Dedenne
Lombre, Espurr
Zigzagoon, Shroomish
Trubbish, Accelgor
Feraligatr, Mudkip
Torkoal, Heatmor
Cubchoo, Sandslash-Alola
Tapu Lele (Signature Ability)
Ledian, Melmetal
Goodra (Signature Ability)
Shellos, Probopass
Aipom, Trumbeak
Snorlax, Gligar
Cacturne, Maractus
Kecleon, Froakie
Spinda, Fomantis
Magmar, Elekid
Diglett, Trapinch
Rotom-Fan, Vikavolt
Primal Groudon (Signature Ability)
Ditto (Signature Ability)
Azurill, Bunnelby
Decidueye (Signature Ability)
Karrablast, Golett
Skuntank, Drapion
Togepi, Unfezant
Milotic, Stufful
Ekans, Qwilfish
Sunflora, Girafarig
Aegislash (Signature Ability)
Burmy, Karrablast
Fennekin, Klefki
Medicham (Signature Ability)
Ariados, Binacle
Noctowl, Sigilyph
Comfey (Signature Ability)
Dragonair, Milotic
Zygarde (Signature Ability)
Lairon, Bronzor
Zoroark (Signature Ability)
Smoochum, Whiscash
Woobat, Audino
Bewear (Signature Ability)
Mega Rayquaza (Signature Ability)
Turtwig, Simisage
Staryu, Trevenant
Arcanine, Absol
Altaria, Lickilicky
Parasect, Jynx
Butterfree, Dustox
Hitmonlee, Slurpuff
Gengar, Froslass
Octillery, Glalie
Zekrom, Kyurem-Black
Dragonite, Lugia
Charmeleon, Delphox
Galvantula, Volcarona
Cloyster, Forretress
Yungoos, Bruxish
Chandelure, Larvesta
Piloswine, Rattata-Alola
Porygon-Z, Genesect
Igglybuff, Gothitelle
Exeggcute, Exeggutor-Alola
Flabébé, Comfey
Mega Metagross, Lycanroc
Pyukumuku (Signature Ability)

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