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Forced Order
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What Pokemon does Professor Oak give Ash?
What kind of egg does Ash get?
Which of Ash's Pokemon loves to squash people?
What is the name of James' Growlithe?
Who is the leader of Team Rocket?
What is the first Pokemon Brock catches that is shown?
Who are Ash's companions?
Which of the three starter pokemon does Ash fully evolve?
What Pokemon does Ash catch 30 of but was never shown on American TV?
What gym leader runs the Vermillion City gym?
What Pokemon does Gary start with?
What is the first Pokemon Ash catches?
What Pokemon follow the group on their journey?
What is the name of the gym leader in Fuschia City?
What Pokemon does Ash trade for a Raticate and then want back?
What pokemon does Ash release when he is leaving to go to the Orange Islands at the end of the season?
What gym leader does Ash not beat but still gets the badge?
How far does Ash get in the Indigo League?
What pokemon does Ash's mom catch?
What Pokemon attack Ash and his first pokemon?
Name the female member of Team Rocket
What Pokemon are bad but then form a firefighting squad?

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