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'When he left town, you stayed in your pj's for a month, and I saw you eat a _______'Monica
'The ________ out there on the telephone pole is yours...'Phoebe
Chandler has a 3rd what?---
'Joey was in a ______ movie!'Chandler
'Mom, dad, Ross ______ ___ in college!'Monica
'Dad, the mailman didn't steal your ______, Ross did!'Monica
'_______ _______ didn't break the porch swing, Monica did!'Ross
'Ross hasn't worked at the museum for a ____'Monica
'Monica and Chandler are _______ _________!'Ross
'Ross married Rachel in Vegas and got divorced, _____!'Monica
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What can't Ross eat because of Disneyland?---
'_____ Thompson is getting fired!'Chandler
Who did Chandler kiss in Atlantic City?---
'In college, Ross used to wear _______'Chandler
'Chandler entered a _____ ___ look-alike contest and won!'Ross
'Ross came in ______ and cried!'Chandler
'Monica was sent to her room without dinner, so she ate the _______ off her jewelry box'Ross
'Ross used to stay home every Saturday night and watch ______ ______'Monica
'Monica couldn't tell time until she was ______!'Ross
'Chandler one time wore my underwear to ____!'Monica

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