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Can you name the famous people with birthdays in November?

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1Realistic Novelist of 'The Red Badge of Courage' (1895)
229th President of the United States
3Star of True-To-Life sitcom with husband Tom Arnold
4Former teacher, Wife of 43rd President of the United States
5Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 'Paper Moon' at age 10
6Patriotic U.S. Composer of 'The Stars and Stripes Forever'
7Discovered two radioactive elements: radium and polonium
8Reality TV star and son of Black Sabbath's Lead Singer
9Member of 98 Degrees and ex-husband of Jessica Simpson
101517 German theological scholar that sparked the Protestant Reformation
11Signature role was artist Jack Dawson in 'Titanic'
12'Friends' fans know him as paleontologist Ross Gellar
13Comedienne won Best Supporting Actress for 'Ghost'
14Drummer of rock band Blink 182
15Versatile Actor seen as Jack McCoy on 'Law and Order'
16NY Mets Cy Young award-winning pitcher who battled drugs and alcohol
17Director of New York films including 'Taxi Driver' (1976)
18First U.S. Astronaut in space (1961)
191996 Olympic gold in gymnastics -- with a sprained ankle
20Vice President of the United States under the Obama administration
21Dallas Cowboys Quarterback in 3 Super Bowl victories
22Women's tennis pro who defeated former men's champ Bobby Riggs
23Star of Disney Channel Show 'Hannah Montana'
24Actress best known for 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Knocked Up'
25Yankees star in 10 World Series', married Marilyn Monroe
26Entertainer's signature hit was 'Proud Mary' (1971)
27Rock star guitarist's first major hit was 'Purple Haze'
28Offbeat comedian, host of Comedy Central's 'Daily Show'
29Author of classic novels like 'Little Women' and 'Little Men'
30Host of 'American Bandstand' and New Years Eve shows

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