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Can you name the characters based on their days of birth, weddings, birthday parties, promotions, divorces and deaths?

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Forced Order
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Ross, Carol and Susan's SonBabies
Frank and Alice's SonBabies
Frank and Alice's DaughterBabies
Frank and Alice's Second DaughterBabies
Ross and Rachel's DaughterBabies
Chandler and Monica's DaughterBabies
Chandler and Monica's SonBabies
Ex-Fiancee and Ex-BFFWeddings
American and Brit Weddings
Drunken DisasterWeddings
Best FriendsWeddings
Snow Day CelebrationWeddings
The One With Two PartiesBirthday Celebration
Chandler Couldn't Remember Which SisterBirthday Celebration
Snow Cone SurpriseBirthday Celebration
Only One Came on TimeBirthday Celebration
Got The Perfect Kiss from a Portuguese PersonBirthday Celebration
Bought a Sports CarBirthday Celebration
Got Really, Really DrunkBirthday Celebration
'Why God, Why?!'Birthday Celebration
Best Present: Razor ScooterBirthday Celebration
Wind Up Toys/X-Rated Desserts Birthday Celebration
Reason: SusanDivorce
Reason: He Was Really StraightDivorce
Reason: Sometimes Parents Just Do...Divorce
Reason: She Couldn't Trust HimDivorce
Reason: Vodka/Secrets/LiesDivorce
Season 1: First Ever JobNew Jobs
Season 1: Gets Promoted, Then QuitsNew Jobs
Season 2: DOOLNew Jobs
Season 3: Still Serving CoffeeNew Jobs
Season 5: Inadvertent KissNew Jobs
Season 5: 'Big Break'New Jobs
Season 6: Fake AccentNew Jobs
Season 6: Free MuffinsNew Jobs
Season 7: Twin StrykerNew Jobs
Season 9: JavuNew Jobs
Season 9: OklahomaNew Jobs
Season 9: Oldest 'employee'New Jobs
Season 10: ParisNew Jobs
RIP x 2Deaths
Family PetDeaths
3D GlassesDeaths
Smoked Too MuchDeaths
Heart AttackDeaths

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