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DirectorAlso: Harry Potter 1
WriterAlso: Ferris Bueller
Year of Release2 years before Home Alone 2...?
ComposerAlso: Harry Potter 1
Family's Last NameThey're possibly Irish.
Main CharacterYou so don't need one.
RobbersReally, just look around.
The family lives in the suburbs of what city?It's a major US city.
The family went to this city to celebrate ChristmasParlay-voo-Anglay?!
Why doesn't Kevin want to sleep with Fuller?It's not because of his sweet suspenders.
How many family members were in the house?Only 4 of them were adults. Yikes.
Kevin was stuck on the hide-away on which floor?The top.
Buzz owns a pet _____ It's not fluffy or scaly.
What does Kevin like on his pizza?He eventually got his own for $12
What does Kevin's older brother, Jeff, advise him to pack?Not clothes.
What ELSE did the parents forget to do when they left?Has nothing to do with a member of the family
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What did Uncle Frank forget when they were running late for the plane?You know, just in case it made the Mom feel better.
The robbers call themselves the _____ ______Stickiness comes in Manhattan (stay tuned!)
The Movie the family is watching in France?Black and White
Kevin puts this on his face and screamsIt wasn't face wash.
Kevin: 'Buzz! Your Girlfriend! _____!'She was ugly.
Gangster Johnny: 'Keep the change you ____ ____'I'm only accepting the correct answer for this one.
Kate (the Mom) was stuck at which airport when she met with John Candy?Apparently it's got a pretty good branch of Dundler Mifflin nearby.
What does Kevin shoplift?Did they really need to send a cop after him?
Kevin buys food and what at the next store he visits?I doubt most kids know how to use this when they're 8...
What's the name of the scary next door neighbor?Apparently he killed his family with his shovel...
What type of music does John Candy's band play?Candy's weapon of choice is the clarinet.
Harry's ______ is burnt after opening the door.It completely ruins an article of clothing covering it. Oh well.
Marv steps on a _____ on the basement stairsThere are many bonus answers for this if you can't figure it out.
Harry: '[to Marv] Why the hell are you dressed like a ______?Pillow feathers EVERYWHERE.
Kevin throws these over the banister to hit Marv and HarryA classic repeated in New York. (again, stay tuned!)
What does Peter (the dad) find in the hallway at the end of the movie?....Gross

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