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Can you name the places and things in Washington, DC?

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LetterWhat is...?Clue
ALocated right outside of the city, this is the final resting place of many United States Veterans
BA landmark restaurant in the city, known for its chili dogs and milkshakes.
CA festival takes place in the city commemorating the 1912 gift of these Japanese trees.
DInfamous traffic circle located in the Northwest quadrant of the city.
ECommon nickname for President's Park South, located just south of the White House
FLocation of President Abraham Lincoln's assassination.
GNeighborhood along the Potomac River, home of the Hoyas.
HMuseum built in the early 1990's, spearheaded by several US Presidents and political activist Elie Wiesel.
IA major east-west street running just south of the United States Capitol.
JPresidential memorial composed of a circular colonnade of Ionic order columns and a shallow dome.
KA performing arts center located on the Potomac River, adjacent to the Watergate complex.
LComplex located south of the National Mall, named for the architect & planner who designed the city's street layout.
MThe nation's second-busiest rapid transit system.
LetterWhat is...?Clue
NLocated near the Anacostia River with views of the Capitol, this is the home of DC's current baseball team.
OLocated at 1100 Pennsylvania Ave, this place used to collect mail and now hosts international cuisine, diverse shopping and musical events.
PThe city is located on the north bank of this river.
QThe city is divided into these (in geographic terms)
RMulti-purpose stadium used for various teams and the 1996 Summer Olympics.
SMuseum complex administered and funded by the government of the United States.
TBuilt in the 1880s to serve both as a visual centerpiece and as a means for flushing the Washington Channel.
UGrand ceremonial train station designed to be the entrance to Washington, D.C. when it opened in 1908.
VNational memorial with the names of over 58,000 soldiers engraved on its surface.
WInternationally known home of the President of the United States.
XProvidence Park, located just south of the Capitol, is also known as this.
YConsists of 17 rapid transit stations stretching from Huntington, VA to Fort Trotten,
ZBirthplace of Tai Shan, one of the few panda bears born in the US in the last decade.

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